Breastfeeding Techniques That Works For Mother

Breastfeeding Tips And Techniques

yeast-infection300x250 Breastfeeding Techniques That Works For Mother

Breastfeeding Techniques That Works For Mother: Requiring Both Time and Patience

yeast-infection300x250 Breastfeeding Techniques That Works For Mother
Breastfeeding Techniques That Works For Mother

Mothers need to learn the proper breastfeeding techniques for the baby to latch on properly onto the breast. With the proper baby latching techniques, the mother’s nipples don’t get sore. As a result, the baby gets plenty of milk.

To learn the proper breastfeeding technique, you need to visit a knowledgeable lactation consultant. The lactation consultant will tell you if the baby is latching-on correctly.

Proper position of the mother is one of the vital factors. How you sit and hold your baby and offer your breast affects your babies latching techniques. These will determine how comfortable you’ll be during breastfeeding.

The most common proper breastfeeding technique is the cradle hold. This is the most comfortable position. This can be achieved by putting or using nursing pillows on your lap to bring the baby up to the level of your breast and another under the arm that will support your baby.

If you’re in bed, put pillows under your knees, or if you’re sitting in a chair, use a foot stool or something else to raise your lap so you don’t have to strain or lean over to get baby closer to your breast.

When your baby is ready to latch on your breast, the mouth should cover at least half inch of your nipple. The baby’s hips, ears and shoulders must be parallel to the mother’s lap.

A variation of the cradle hold position is the cross-cradle hold. This position provides the same ease as the cradle hold. Unlike the cradle hold position, your baby is supported with pillows across your lap to have the same level with your breast.

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In the cross cradle position, your baby’s head should rest gently in your hand, between her thumb and your baby’s shoulder.

Another beneficial position is the football hold. This is an ideal position for mothers who have large breasts or who had a cesarean section. This position is also great for premature or tiny babies because it gives the mother excellent control over the baby.

The way the baby is held is actually the same as the cross-cradle but feeding the baby on the same breast as the arms that is holding the baby.

The side-lying position is an excellent position for nursing in bed. This position is also recommended for mothers who have had cesarean sections because like football hold it takes pressure of the abdomen.

This position can be the most favored position if the mother and the baby get to master it. But this position can also be a bit tricky because this position has the least control.

Remember that proper breastfeeding technique vary on your positions periodically. And to have a successful breastfeeding experience, a mother must learn the proper breastfeeding technique that best suits your baby. And the best advice is to be persistent, patient and practice to perfect everything.

There are many breastfeeding techniques that works for mother.

yeast-infection300x250 Breastfeeding Techniques That Works For Mother

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