Does Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight?

Does Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight?

Does Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight?

Today, some questions about, does breastfeeding help you lose weight? It’s not possible to lose weight as a nursing mom because I’m afraid of losing my milk supply. You are wondering what can you do. This is really good and calm concerned about new mothers who are breastfeeding.

We’re going to look at if it’s possible for a breastfeeding mom to also lose weight at the same time.

If you want to be able to produce enough milk that you can feed and nourish baby but you also want to jumpstart the weight loss process, you can lose any excess weight that you gained during the pregnancy.

Here’s the thing about weight loss so weight loss is really about at its most basic level the calorie deficit. It’s about maximizing these calories. In calories out equation right and you actually as a breastfeeding mom have a really good advantage that most other people don’t.

That’s the breastfeeding burns actually a lot of calories.

When you are afraid of losing her milk supply, you are afraid of restricting your calories too much which is a good and valid concern because if you restrict your calories too much you’re not going to have everything.

You need to build fuel yourself and also your baby. So I’m recommending against focusing too much on calorie restriction instead focus on getting enough nutrients foods right.

The calories in versus calories out are there are two parts to that equation right the calories in part we don’t want to reduce those calories and too much. What we’ll do instead is maximize the calories out, so we can do that two different ways the first way is through exercise now.

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There’s not a whole lot of research looking at the effects of exercise on women who are breastfeeding, but what we do know is that exercise doesn’t seem to impact your milk supply
at all.

And there’s some research to suggest that it might actually improve and increase it so what exercises then
that allows us to do is burn more calories. It’s going to bump up your calorie burning which will put you in a
calorie sit without having to reduce your calories so much.

The other way that you can burn calories is through breastfeeding itself now researchers estimate that you can actually burn anywhere between 200 and 500 calories per day. That’s a significant amount of calorie burning think about running a mile guesstimate.

Maybe you burn 100 calories so this would be the equivalent of running two to five extra miles a day.
That’s a lot of extra calorie burning. Then if we look at you an equation we did here right here look at the kind of I wanted to show you kind of a math example of how this works.

If we say to use an example of 150-pound woman right and multiply by 10 and that gives about 1500 calories. That’s about the basal metabolic rate of a woman that size. That would be how many calories you need just to basically exist not including any of your daily activity so we’re adding exercise to the equation.

Assuming saying exercising three maybe four times a week, probably a moderately active life. You take this energy factor of one point three to one point four we multiply that by 1500, what you get is between 1950 and twenty-one
hundred calories.

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That’s how much you would need to eat to maintain your weight in this situation not counting these calories. Traditionally if we’re looking at weight loss. What we would do is we take this equation or these numbers say 2,100 calories. 2,000 with the difference say 2,000 calories and then we subtract anywhere between two and five hundred and two hundred and five hundred calories to create a calorie deficit to elicit weight loss well.

In this situation because of the calorie needs of breastfeeding we already have a two to five hundred calories per day deficit so instead of focusing on dieting and restricting your calories instead focus on adding exercise right three to four times a week.

Then you’ll automatically get your natural calorie deficit from your breastfeeding and that’s going to allow you to lose weight without having to worry about compromising your milk supply or the nutrition to the baby.

You can actually use these equations I use just the example of 150 pounds, but you can plug in whatever your body weight is there to estimate your basal metabolic rate and get about how many calories per day you need.

The key is to focus on we’re going to focus on burning more calories instead of taking in fewer calories so that’s through exercise and then through the breastfeed. They are all ready to link okay so gel hopefully that answers your question that’s going to wrap it up for this issue.

We’re going to look at if it’s possible for a breastfeeding mom to also lose weight at the same time, so the questions about does breastfeeding help you lose weight answered.

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