Drinking Wine While Breastfeeding

Drinking Wine While Breastfeeding

Drinking Wine While Breastfeeding

After nine long months, many breastfeeding moms want to know, if it’s possible for them to drinking wine while breastfeeding. I would say to that mom, yes. As long as you understand how it works.

Drinking-Wine-While-Breastfeeding Drinking Wine While Breastfeeding
Drinking Wine While Breastfeeding

Whatever amount of alcohol is going to be absorbed into your blood, and therefore into your milk will peak in about sixty to ninety minutes. Then will be broken down and will leave your body. So essentially your blood alcohol level is equivalent to your milk alcohol level.

If you can time your drink with your baby’s sleep it would work out quite nicely. You would start drinking right at the end of your breastfeeding or right after you finish nursing.

Then by the time, your baby wakes up in three to four hours the alcohol is really gone from your breast milk, and it’s safe to put your baby back on your breast.

But let’s say it’s gonna be your birthday or your anniversary and you’re gonna celebrate. You know you’re gonna have more than one serving of alcohol. So what you do is you plan ahead and you pump a couple of bottles of milk and you put them in your refrigerator.

Go off to your event start drinking around for hours. Your breasts are gonna get really full, and you don’t want to give that milk to your baby.

You are gonna pump it out and dump it and your baby will get the glasses of milk that you had previously pumped ahead of time.

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Actually, there’s a product called milk screen, where you can test your milk to see it, if the alcohol is present or if it’s safe to go ahead and put your baby back on your breast. It’s kind of a nifty product for you.

So that’s a short explanation about drinking wine while breastfeeding, I hope this article can add to your knowledge to use your precious time.

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