How to Get Pregnant After Giving Birth

How to Get Pregnant After Giving Birth

mycellulitesolution300x250 How to Get Pregnant After Giving Birth

How to Get Pregnant After Giving Birth

Learning how to get pregnant after giving birth. Some mothers bounce back after the birth of their children, organized, fresh and ready to do it all over again. A baby is a miracle, and one they are eager to repeat. After all, having your children close together is a dream scenario.

mycellulitesolution300x250 How to Get Pregnant After Giving Birth
How to Get Pregnant After Giving Birth?

They play together, grow up together, and your years spent with demanding toddlers will be accomplished more quickly. If this is your vision of family harmony, then go about it in the right way, to guarantee the happiness of all. Some MDs suggest you wait a year before getting pregnant again, to give your uterus time to get back into shape.

Other fertility specialists say after four months or so it is fine to start trying to conceive again. This can depend on your general fitness before and after birth, and younger women may be able to get pregnant more quickly. Ask your doctor’s advice, then go for it!

Start By Getting Fit

See how you feel before you plan your next child. Postpartum depression can be very isolating, and should never be ignored.Even if you are one of the majority of women who don’t contract this condition, which is a real blow to your confidence as a mother, all new moms will feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar emotions – not to mention a bubbling inferno of hormones.

When recovering from the birth of your first child, you can be particularly flat due to night time feeding – and day time feeding! After all, you are at the beck and call of your little bundle of joy, 24/7. Depending on how much help you have at home – from your partner, family, or child care providers, when to get pregnant again is a complex decision. If this is your goal, your first priority is to get fit again.

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Much depends on the birth of your child. Did you have a natural and uncomplicated delivery, or did you undergo Caesarean section? If the latter is the case, you need to properly heal before you consider starting again. You may have had stitches, particularly if you had a forceps delivery. In either case, sea salt in your bath water, or bicarbonate of soda, can really speed up the healing process.

Eat Well and Take Gentle Exercise

Pay attention to your diet. Eat well and often, preferably small portions of food throughout the day, and especially if you are breast feeding, as you are building up both yourself and your baby. Have plenty of vegetables, lean protein and fruit, and drink lots of water and milk.

Breastfeeding mothers are physiologically less likely to get pregnant, as your hormone levels favour nurturing your baby over conceiving other offspring. As a nursing mother, your libido levels may be low, as you separate your role as new mom from that of enthusiastic lover. When your breasts fill with milk they become tender and heavy, and you may feel less amorous.

mycellulitesolution300x250 How to Get Pregnant After Giving Birth

For mothers who do not breast feed, recovery of energy as well as fertility levels can be quicker. When you feel up to it, take your baby out in the fresh air. Push the buggy round the block, breathe deeply and stretch your muscles. Hopefully your baby will nod off – and always catch up on your sleep when baby does, to avoid exhaustion.

Ultimately the decision to try for a new baby is yours, and your partner’s – though the mother should make the final decision, to ensure the health of herself and her children. When you feel fit and well, when your energy is back and when you feel your little one needs less constant attention, then just go for it!

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mycellulitesolution300x250 How to Get Pregnant After Giving Birth

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