How to Get The Baby to Latch on Perfect Position

How to Get The Baby to Latch on Perfect Position

Introducing How to Get The Baby to Latch on Perfect Position

How-to-Get-The-Baby-to-Latch-on-Perfect-Position How to Get The Baby to Latch on Perfect Position
How to Get The Baby to Latch on Perfect Position

How to get the baby to latch on perfect position to just have the upper gums over the nipple. When you’re ready to feed the baby, you bring up the baby to your chest. Then you have the nipple touch the baby’s nose watch or where’s my baby, and you have your nipple touch the baby’s nose.

When the baby feels the nipple touching the nose, it automatically reactants had it’s time to feed and the baby goes for a lot and by having the nipple touch the nose.

First, when the baby picks up its head it lands its upper gums on the top of the nipple, then starts the movement the jaw sucking out the milk out of the boot. If you did not understand any of the stuff that I just said you can google it.

So next is the things that you can eat or drink that will help increase your supply or maintain a good supply. So breast milk, as you may know, is 90% water. That’s why it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated because a dehydrated mama can now produce milk.

Another thing is I try to have oatmeal for breakfast every day not always does that happen but the days that I do have oatmeal. I do feel a difference I feel as if I am producing more milk and my boobs do feel more full.

Another thing that I used to drink is a tea with condensed milk now condensed milk. It’s not that great for you so I’d have a cup of tea with like a tablespoon or two of it. And I would drink that about 20 minutes before feeding my baby and I’d only drink it about two or three times a day.

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I felt like that really helps you for a while there so another thing that I actually recently read that could help is Gatorade. And I have tried it and me did feel a slight difference also I know like eatery it’s not great for you, but I am only drinking about one to two cups a day.

And again I don’t do that every day, but on the days that I do it. I do feel a difference next thing is, yeah you gotta eliminate stress. So in the first month after I had this little guy I was stressing out because I was to stay a whole mom now. And my husband was the only one that was going to be working and I can’t even tell you how bad I was stressing out. I noticed that my supply would extremely low.

So I ended up using all of the freezer stashes that I had so really it is important to relax so another thing that. I do is I usually wear a hair tie on my wrist and what I do is I feed the baby on one side. And then I put the hair tie on that wrist. So that next time I can remember to feed the baby on the other side.

It’s a really easy way of keeping track of which side you last fed on so another thing is. If you are trying to get that supply going in your freezer of milk a good thing to do is set yourself a pumping schedule you want to pump in the same place same every day, and with that routine, your body will subconsciously begin to produce more milk.

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Next, up this ties in with the pumping thing when you’re pumping try to have your baby by you or have pictures of your baby or something. So that you’re looking at him oftentimes focusing on. Your baby will stimulate a waterfall of milk. So if you’re trying to give a nice supply going but you don’t really have time to pump throughout the day what you can do is pump first thing in the morning.

Since overnight your body stores a lot of milk you can get all of that out and you can get yourself a really nice stash going another thing. You can do to increase your milk supply is by feeding your baby on one side and pumping the other a lot of times when you are feeding your baby on. One side it will start letting down on the other side so another thing you can do is simply massaging your breasts.

Don’t get weird but massaging can do amazing things so this simple action will stimulate the milk glands, and it’ll soften the tissues so that the milk can let down easier. You can also take a hot shower before pumping or feeding your baby and it’ll help release the milk also a lot of times.

What I do is I will take a bath with my baby and I will feed them in the bath and it will help let down the milk. He’s not being very nice to me so that’s it those are all my tips.

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