How To Wean Off Breastfeeding At 12 Months

How To Wean Off Breastfeeding At 12 Months

This time I write some advice about how to wean off breastfeeding at 12 months.

How-To-Wean-Off-Breastfeeding-At-12-Months How To Wean Off Breastfeeding At 12 Months
How To Wean Off Breastfeeding At 12 Months

Many breastfeeding moms weaned them babies. Many tips can do it, I was going to do a weaning and sleep training but I’m going to separate them, because I think that their two big things and I believe that they each need their own moment or video so as far as weaning goes and a little backstory.

My kids has or did he was exclusively breastfed from birth until six months. Six months we still breastfed him but supplemented with food and then from you know birth until twelve months old. He only had breast milk and water or his liquids of choice and offered to him.

I’m going to my period pediatric appointment for his one-year. The doctor told me that he could then start on cow’s milk and she kind of just said to do you know whole milk and see how he did with it and he did totally fine.

We started giving him which we still give him the horizons organic whole milk with DHA and Omega. It’s full crazy but it’s worth it and we started that at 12 months like literally.

The day after he turned one and then he still was breastfeeding at night so basically the day after his first birthday. We introduced a bottle of whole milk and we did it in the afternoon to make sure that he didn’t have any sort of you know allergy or anything.

Then if he did we could take him to the hospital or the doctor or whatever but how we integrated it into his diet. We started out with two ounces and we gave him two ounces in the morning or you could do afternoon, whatever you’re comfortable with.

I tried the sippy cup first and I tried the sippy cup a few times but it frustrated him. He was really pissed off about that. So I started just using a bottle because I was like whatever we’ve just got to start integrating this into his diet.

See what it does and then we’ll worry about weaning to the sippy cup so once I gave him a bottle he was downing it. He loved it. We gave it about three days of kind of just going up to four ounces each time that we gave it to him.

We didn’t want to do more than four ounces just in case something you know. He had some sort of alert allergy or whatever. So I would say within the first three days he probably got a total of like 12 ounces a day 12 to 15 ounces a day.

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At this point he was still breastfeeding pretty much predominantly. I mean he was still breastfeeding throughout the day like maybe twice and then he was still breastfeeding at night

By the third day we were starting or the fourth day we were starting to integrate a little bit more so at nighttime especially we would give him a 7 ounce bottle. We never gave him over 20 ounces of cow’s milk because he was still getting some breast milk.

He was still like having yogurt and stuff and cheese so we typically did while he was getting breast milk. We did about 15 ounces a day and what we would do is we would give it to him before his naps which he had two naps a day, and then at nighttime so between the two naps a day he got about like 4 ounces.

Each time I want to say and then the last bottle he got about 7 ounces of milk and then but at night. We were finding that for about the week following he was still waking up at night and if you guys have followed like my updates with my kid.

And how sleep-trained, you will know that my kid had a really hard time sleeping through the night. He never has slept through the night till a year. He always would wake up at night and it in the last couple months before he was a year.

He was waking up like a lot and I would say the 11 to 12 month mark. He was waking up like every 3 to 4 hours it was horrible I was getting no sleep that was just my norm and I was just like fine with it. Because I was like that’s what he needs.

I then realized that I don’t think he was even getting that much breast milk, so he was needing it that often because it wasn’t filling him up that makes sense. Once we started to integrate the cow’s milk. I started to notice that he could sleep for longer periods of time but he was still waking up for that night feeding of the boob.

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I think in some ways I think it was like. He could have gone all night but he was like he still was connected. He still was attached to breast feeding and I wasn’t gonna push it I mean I did not care if he’s still breastfed for months you know whatever but I wanted it to be his timing. You know so I was ready to wean.

I loved breastfeeding but at a year I was just over at my kid had like a million teeth and he just wasn’t the most like pet aleus nurse are throughout the day. But I still loved our nighttime feedings.

I didn’t love being woken up like every three hours that wasn’t cool but anyways so basically what happened. I was like we need to wait we need to sleep-train him for night. He was good doing great for naps he was putting himself down at nighttime but whenever he would wake up in the middle of the night.

He couldn’t put himself back to sleep so I will be doing a whole video on how we sleep trained him and all of that. I’m not gonna really touch based on how we did that but I will be doing a whole video on that so be on the lookout for that.

Basically how we weaned him was that we started off with two to four ounces listen to your PD at pediatric. Pediatrician talk to your baby’s doctor because they know best and they know what your baby requires.

Every child is different some kids might have an allergy, so I am no expert I’m just sharing with you what worked for us and what our doctor recommended for my kid. We just started off with that two to four ounces to kind of get them used to it.

Then we just kind of like weaned him from the boob. Actually the daytime feedings by the fourth day were completely done. He didn’t even want the boob during the day. He’s still one of those nighttime feedings and that was a lot of just we had to sleep-train him that was nothing to do with weaning.

It was just sleep training and once we did sleep train him for those like middle of the night wake up feedings. He totally got rid of those and did not have any care in the world about breastfeeding.

So that was cool and I mean you know some women I think it up said or you know I guess. I just know that I want another baby, so I know that like my breastfeeding days aren’t over and I feel like my kid

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I had like you know we have such a big connection. It’s so great or than that, so I loved breastfeeding. It was wonderful but I’m happy to say that he was fully weaned at about two months and I’d say two weeks and as far as the sippy cup goes we basically went cold turkey with that at thirteen months.

I decided that he was not gonna have the bottle anymore. He had so many teeth and I was just it was just mostly like him just being a little bit lazy and him just really just wanting the bottle and I just really wanted to try to him too.

We into the sippy cup it took a day tops and it wasn’t even that big of a deal. I literally just would only offer the sippy cup and he would kind of get a little like Wincy like I don’t want that. That’s not what I want but then eventually it’s like this is how you’re gonna get milk.

So if you want milk this is how you’re gonna drink it and now he’s a sippy cup champ and we’re working on learning how to use straws. So that’s really cool but any who that is our weaning story I wanted to share it just in case you’re going through it right now and you just are frustrated or anything just know.

I believe it’s consistency and just I mean it’s difficult at the beginning and listen to your baby. I mean some babies aren’t ready to wean. You know I mean I’m a firm believer that your baby will let you know and gnash just didn’t care anymore.

He just wanted milk and honestly I think I just wasn’t like giving a lot of milk. He just wasn’t really into it anymore which I understand. Because like I were drinking like a cup of my favorite drink ever and I wasn’t getting anything. I would like basically throw that thing down.

Anyhow that is our weaning story I hope you enjoyed it stay tuned for our sleep training video that will be coming up at some point. I hope you all have a wonderful day love your faces and this how to wean off breastfeeding at 12 months tips make you inspire.

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