How To Wean Off Breastfeeding

How To Wean Off Breastfeeding

Knowing How To Wean Off Breastfeeding

Hello breastfeed moms… Let me just say that there are many many moms that nurse when they’re pregnant and many ask how to wean off breastfeeding at night.

The decision to wean is a very personal one. Sometimes moms choose to stop breastfeeding and sometimes babies decide that they’re done with nursing. Some babies stop very quickly and other babies take months.

How-To-Wean-Off-Breastfeeding How To Wean Off Breastfeeding
How To Wean Off Breastfeeding

Actually stop nursing but the bottom line is for your sake it would be best to stop nursing slowly. The worst thing you can do is stop cold turkey because it increases the chances of things like engorgement and mastitis which is a breast infection. So what you want to do is drop one feeding every two to five days.

Increase the length of time between each nursing session and decrease the length of time you nurse your baby begin to replace daytime feedings with a bottle or a sippy cup. Once your child is a year of age, you can start giving whole milk in a sippy cup. If your weaning your baby and you don’t have stores of breast milk that you’ve saved up it would be best to use formula.

Formula will going to meet your baby’s nutritional needs until they’re a year of age. You’ll probably notice that your son will not want to let go of the nighttime feeding very easily.

Most moms conquer all the daytime feedings they sweat they successfully switch their babies over to bottles or sippy cups during the day. But then if your baby is still waking up at night and wanting to nurse just see how it goes try the daytime thing first and then nurse your baby before bed.

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This will probably just be more of a comfort thing but the older your son gets the better able. You’ll be not necessarily reason with them but maybe replace the comfort.

He’s looking for with something else like after a year of age. It’s okay to give him a favorite blanket or stuffed animal that he can sleep with to give him comfort develop a good nighttime routine.

So that he feels comfortable and safe put him down and as long as the doctor doesn’t feel like extra nighttime feedings are necessary. Then it’s okay to stop nighttime feedings and just let him cry it out.

There’s a couple of different ways to sleep train your baby and crying it out is one of the most effective ways according to the literature because it’s basically a behavior modification and babies have learned that.

When they cry, we go get them and they cry and we feed them. If you stop that then they start to think oh well maybe I’m not going to cry. They learned how to self-soothe and go back to sleep on their own. That means that you and your baby are getting better sleep at night.

If you’re okay with crying it out just put your son to bed and for the first little while, it’s okay to nurse them. You might get all of the daytime feedings taken care of you’re just nursing him before bed.

That’s okay to do that for a little while to wean him slowly. Then you can you know day by day just kind of see how it goes. Maybe try not feeding him or nursing him before he goes to bed and just try it out see how it goes. But then during the night if he wakes up and wants to eat um just let him cry.

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He might cry for a long time if you’re persistent for four to seven nights. Then he should learn how to go back to sleep on his own. If this method seems a little bit harsh to you then you can try and more graduated approach where you go in.

And check on him after about five or ten minutes after he wakes up and cries. Just gently touches tummy avoid turning on any lights don’t make eye contact. Don’t pick him up and then just turn around and walk right that up back out of the room.

This research in that you’re there but you’re not going to pick him up, and if he continues to cry which that’s likely then wait another 10 to 20 minutes and go back in. Do the same thing and then if he still hasn’t fallen back to sleep just slowly increase the amount of time between each check.

If he’s still crying then wait maybe 30 to 40 minutes and again. If you do this in your persistent for four to seven nights, he should learn how to go back to sleep on his own now.

Here’s a little bit of a disclaimer all parents know their babies cries and sometimes kids cry out because they just want us to hold them or he just wants to be fed and loved. But sometimes they cry because they’re in pain or they’re sick or they’re in danger or their step or something.

So if you feel like you need to check on and then definitely check on it but other than that check with your pediatrician. Make sure nighttime feedings aren’t necessary wean him slowly, it will happen.

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When how to wean off breastfeeding and you’ve tried everything to wean your child and nothing is working, maybe the time isn’t right.

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