If I Stop Breastfeeding Can I Start Again

If I Stop Breastfeeding Can I Start Again

The Question: If I Stop Breastfeeding Can I Start Again?

There is some question from breastfeeding moms, if I stop breastfeeding can I start again?

Women who have been through the process of wanting to breastfeed and their baby has been taken away to the nursery or the first breastfeeds been delayed. Or something’s happened along the way where the milk volume is low and so the baby’s given a bottle in place of breast milk.

If-I-Stop-Breastfeeding-Can-I-Start-Again If I Stop Breastfeeding Can I Start Again
If I Stop Breastfeeding Can I Start Again?

The breasts aren’t expressed to replace that missed feed or several missed feeds. So what happens is there’s a wind back in the milk volume around four weeks.

Recently a mother made that inquiry, she desperately wanted to breastfeed but she doesn’t believe she has any milk well in four weeks. It’s unlikely that you’re not volume will be completely gone the way to deal with.

That is to create the cycle that we need to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce the hormones prolactin and oxytocin into the bloodstream around seven times in 24 hours.

That means expressing both breasts preferably at the same time so that you cut your workload down keep the milk in separate bottles because that’s what the baby feeds one breast and then the other.

It doesn’t have it all mixed together and set that cycle going so that your pituitary gland syncs with your breast. And if you can really do it in sync with when the baby’s actually asking for feeds. If it’s on the bottle or it’s having feeds other ways is to sync it with those feeds.

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So that when the milk volume gradually increases and your baby is coming back to the breast, they’ll be good volume there. It’ll be easier for the baby to work the breast but I would also encourage you to offer the baby your breast both breasts.

Every feed regardless of whether they feed because we want to awaken those sensory skills again the smell and touch the taste and locate. It will take time and it will take patience but if you really want to do it.

It can happen and I’ve had women weigh out as far as seven months wanting to bring their milk back again and to breastfeed their babies.

That has been successful but it is I must say it’s it’s quite tiring it’s a routine. It’s a patient’s job you have to be really patient and your mindset has to be that you want to do this but it can be done.

So if any woman wants to breastfeed again, give this article to her, then her question about if I stop breastfeeding can I start again.

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