Stopping Breastfeeding

Guide To Stopping Breastfeeding

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Guide To Stopping Breastfeeding, How to Wean Off Breastfeeding

Weaning or stopping breastfeeding is a crucial and important part of growth for babies. Weaning is defined as a time when the infants or toddlers are slowly introduced to other types of food by stopping breastfeeding.

redteadetox300x250 Stopping Breastfeeding
Guide To Stopping Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding is important for both infant and mother, weaning or the process of stopping breastfeeding in a child might be a painful process for both the baby and its mother but it is also important because it helps train the child to begin accepting other diets outside of the standard breast milk.

A lot of concerned mothers have often wondered if ever there will be stopping breastfeeding side effects once the weaning process has begun.

The answer to that question is not as cut and dry as a lot of fathers and other mothers might think it is. At the onset of stopping breastfeeding or weaning, the biggest stopping breastfeeding side effect on a baby might be an upset stomach or incessant crying which might mean that they might be outside of their comfort zones.

As for mothers, the biggest stopping breastfeeding side effect on them would be engorged or painful breasts. In some cases, there were also medical reports showing mothers who have been stopping breastfeeding finding out that they are starting to leak breast milk on their clothes.

There is also a psychological effect on mothers who have already started stopping breastfeeding or weaning their babies. They can either be absent minded or very irritable depending on the situation.

It is normal to have mothers stopping breastfeeding their children from as early as six months but it is still important to remember that babies do have feelings and even if they don’t retain their memory when they grow up, part of their childhood will dictate what they will become.

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So if a mother decides to follow the traditional way of weaning or stopping breastfeeding by leaving the baby in the care of another for a week, the chances are it might have seriously affected the emotions of the baby.

This has to be the most serious stopping breastfeeding side effect.

redteadetox300x250 Stopping Breastfeeding

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