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Liposuction Flanks and Love Handles

Liposuction Flanks and Love Handles

Liposuction-Flanks-and-Love-Handles Liposuction Flanks and Love Handles

Liposuction Flanks and Love Handles

What more can someone say about love handles? Love handles, also known as “flanks,” are one thing that is hard to get rid of with diet and exercise alone.

It affects the young and the elder, the tiny people and the big people. To get a better vision of what is being discussed think of that pair of slacks or jeans you really like to wear.

And then envision the bulge that happens on the sides and on your abdomen as you sit down or bend over or just by putting them on. Sometimes sit ups just don’t get rid of that pesky roll that seems to forever sit rolled over the waist band.

Before and after liposuction flanks pictures

As you can see by the picture above, the individual that got liposuction on their flanks looks noticeably slimmer and has a more appealing appearance.

Notice that there isn’t really a liposuction scar that is noticeable. Maybe some minor stretch marks, but that’s it. This goes to show that if you find a good surgeon, liposuction scars may be minimal or avoided altogether.

Liposuction on flanks and love handles

Doctors say genetics may play a factor in people packing on pounds in the mid section location. It could also be diet and lack of exercise as people get older. But don’t be alarmed, you aren’t stuck with this issue forever if you don’t want to be.

Doctors have come up with a procedure that involves liposuction of the flanks. Recovery is short and the surgery is simple, which are two factors responsible for its increasing popularity.

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Male liposuction flanks: Can men get this surgery?

In recent years, getting cheap liposuction procedures have become increasingly popular among males. Although in the earliest years of liposuction females were the overwhelming majority getting this surgery, men now realize that it’s a great way to take control over their appearance.

So if you are a guy and have huge love handles and fatty build-up by your waist area and want to slim down, then this type of surgery is a good option.

Numbing the flanks prior to surgery

Patients are fully awake during this type of liposuction. Only a local anesthesia is given so that the area on the abdomen is numb. This allows for quicker recovery and overall better for the patient in the long run.

There are only two incisions made so that the small wand can be inserted. This wand or better known as a cannula takes out the stubborn fatty deposits by laser. The laser then melts the fat away while sculpting the abdomen to achieve desired results.

It is common to experience liposuction flanks swelling following surgery, but this swelling will usually subside within a few weeks after surgery; numbing the area does help the swelling though.

Liposuction flanks surgical benefits

The primary benefit of flank liposuction is a better overall happiness with your mid section. It will build confidence and your clothes will fit better since that bulge will be gone.

You will also be able to wear those form fitting shirts that you may have avoided before. So say hello to a new you all together and goodbye to those discouraging love handles once and for all.

Taking control of your appearance

Why sit back and let the opportunity pass you by and take control back of your body. There is no need to hide underneath baggy clothing anymore with this type of procedure being available. Just be sure to get a skilled and experienced doctor that specializes in that field.

That way both the procedure and results are successful and recovery will be minimal. Just follow your doctor’s instructions and then the new you will be ready to make his/her first appearance.

Schedule a free liposuction consultation at your county office to learn if you’re a good candidate for liposuction flanks and love handles.